The college is an amazing place; it’s full of inspiring people sharing their experiences to help each other – I’ve never worked anywhere like it before ☺

Alongside George, I have responsibility to manage the overall running of the college; on a day to day basis and also from a more strategic point of view – ensuring we link in to the wider national ‘Recovery College’ directives and also ensuring we develop in line with our Trust values / priorities.

I absolutely love my job, but my favourite days are when I have no meetings and have the time to just be with our wonderful students; talking to them and finding out more about them and how the college is helping / supporting. I feel so privileged that we get to help so many people ☺

I have 2 young children and so outside of work my life is very busy running around after them and their never ending demands! I wouldn’t change them for the world though; we have so much fun together! Away from valuing quality family time, I have a love for running – in fact, I always say I don’t even like running, I just love the feeling afterwards! I find running distracts me from any worries / stressors and helps me to ‘switch off’. I’m not very good at naturally ‘being in the moment’ – my mind is always running at one hundred miles an hour, and so I try to run in some picturesque places to help slow my mind down – in the hills, on the canal etc, so I can really immerse myself with the beautiful scenery and connect with all the nature. I just love that feeling of achievement / accomplishment when I have completed a run and naturally, it is such a mood booster! I have run several marathons now but in line with my love of running off road and along trails, I’m now hoping to complete an ultra-marathon …. watch this space!

3 things you didn’t know about me

  • I have ran the London marathon twice and was due to run it a third time in April 2020 but because of the coronavirus pandemic I had to do it virtually …. never again (running 26.2 miles around Tameside alone really was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done!)
  • I lived in New York for a short period of time whilst at University … I was actually living there on 9/11!
  • I have 5 tattoos!