Expressive writing is about self-expression. It helps a person to think about their experiences and put their thoughts and feelings into words. This course will offer you an opportunity to reflect and write in a safe, friendly and confidential atmosphere that fosters personal awareness and wellbeing. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re used to writing, the exercises and conversation will help you to write about your life and experiences; from a few lines to a story, from a list to a poem, from all the things you’ve missed over the past couple of years, to all the things you’ve gained. At each session, the facilitator (a professional writer) will read aloud a short piece of published writing (poetry or prose) and invite you to talk about how the words impact on you. Short writing prompts and exercises will then be offered to help you write about your own experiences, thoughts and feelings.

This semesters Expressive Writing course will have a blended approach – so students will be able to book on, and attend wither  online via a link we will send out the day before or attend here in the classroom at the Health And Wellbeing College. This will be the first time the college has delivered a course in this way and we are very excited to be able to bring this type of learning to our offer of courses.

Course length: Four session Duration: 2 hours

Course Runs