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Your Health & Wellbeing College

Hello and welcome to the Health & Wellbeing College. Since moving into our new building in September 2017, we’ve settled in well and welcomed over 600 new students.

Our staff team has expanded and we’re delighted to have been able to offer employment opportunities to those with lived experience of mental health challenges; many of whom have actually been students at the college themselves.

We have expanded our range of courses and are actively working with a number of organisations to enhance our offer and draw upon the expertise within our local communities.

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A few words from our students:

“I’ve suffered with mental health challenges most of my life, to the point where I nearly lost my life. My head was a whirlwind of negative thoughts and emotions, and I was diagnosed with all sorts of disorders: anxiety, panic, depression, agoraphobia, PTSD and bi-polar. When I tried to take my own life – that was rock bottom for me. I couldn’t leave my house or socialise for years, I felt I’d let my family down – especially my children. Medication was not enough for me, it was only when I engaged with the Health and Wellbeing College that I started to get the help I really needed. I can honestly say this place saved my life; they helped me see that I was a human being with the right to have a beautiful life like everyone should.

Sarahs Journey

The courses are great, especially the face to face ones where everything is explained and all your questions answered. And I’ve made lots of great new friends. Thank you Pennine Care!

Martin Aston, 34, from Stockport